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Our mission is to support the advancement of scientific research on plastic particles on macro, micro & nano scales, as well as fibers.

Plastic pollution in a coastal Alaskan estuary. Photo Credit: Meredith E. Seeley


We are an interest group of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). The primary purpose of SETAC Interest Groups is to provide a venue for scientists with an interest in a particular scientific topic to share knowledge and expertise and advance the topic. Participation in all interest groups is open to all interested parties, across academia, business and government. If you are a SETAC member, you can join the interest group by visiting our SETAC page. Interest group business is spear-headed by our steering committee.

Our Goals

  • Serve as a scientific forum for all stakeholders interested in the mission of the interest group.

  • Sponsor events (e.g., meetings, sessions, webinars) and publications within SETAC that advance the mission of the interest group.

  • Work towards the development of global standards for the collection, extraction and analysis of plastics particles and as well as responses to exposure and ingestion.

We are a network of environmental professionals, scientists & decision makers, committed to furthering global knowledge of plastic pollution.